Here are some favourites I recommend.

Note that I keep my website free of paid advertisements. Aside from Briercrest, where I was on staff for 7 years and now work as an external Hebrew instructor, I don't have any financial relationship with the entities below.

Briercrest College and Seminary


Briercrest offers first year Biblical Hebrew by distance. I know because I developed the course. :) It's based off the same Hebrew lectures available on this website. I also continue to mark it as an external instructor. The course is offered for either college or seminary credit.

Communicative Biblical Hebrew


I highly recommend the Biblical Language Center founded by Dr. Randall Buth. My parents studied under Randall Buth in 1999/2000 and I met him briefly when we went to Israel that summer. A number of years later I attended a Hebrew Pedagogy workshop led by Buth at Fresno Pacific University in California where his son-in-law, Brian Schultz, works as a professor.

Randall Buth and the BLC group were really the first ones out of the gate to effectively apply modern communicative language learning methods to Biblical Hebrew (and also Koine Greek). Their products and courses are fun and effective, and they offer them in a variety of formats.


Aleph with Beth is a YouTube channel featuring communicative Biblical Hebrew instruction. Beth studied Hebrew at the Jerusalem Center for Bible Translation, the same place my parents studied under Randall Buth back in 1999/2000. Give Beth's videos a try. They're free!

They now have Alpha with Angela as well for NT Greek.

Modern Hebrew


I spent the better part of a winter listening to It really helped me internalize my verb forms and pronominal suffixes. They have all native Hebrew speakers with great voices and clear enunciation; excellent pedagogy; beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons; transcripts, and online interactive tools. Price is very reasonable and they have free lessons you can try. Highly recommended.

Hebrew Fonts and Typing

The Tyndale Unicode Font Kit is probably the easiest free solution for installing Right-to-Left functionality on your computer, together with the necessary keyboards and fonts to type Hebrew.

SBL Hebrew and Ezra SIL are two popular scholarly Hebrew fonts with full support for the Masoretic accents.

The Culmus Project for Hebrew fonts including the Keter YG font that I use on this website.


Vervoco Desktop offers another solution to typing Hebrew. I don't use it personally because I have Hebrew installed on my computers as per above but Vervoco Desktop looks interesting and you might find it helpful.

Hebrew Bible Text

Christopher Kimball's - תנ״ך The Westminster Leningrad Codex. Easy to search. Great for cut and paste.

Mechon Mamre's parallel Hebrew - English Bible. This is great for viewing the Hebrew and English text side by side.

The Bible Tool. View dozens of Bibles in parallel including the Westminster Leningrad Codex, the Allepo Codex, Modern Hebrew Bible, the Greek LXX, and the Latin Vulgate.

Hebrew Bible Audio


The Abraham Shmuelof recording at Mechon Mamre. Also hosted by Torah Class. Shmuelof's life is rather interesting. There's a short bio on Michael Kolarcik's page at the University of Toronto, and another at the website of the Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Israel, with which Shmuelof was associated.

The Rabbi Dan Be'eri recording at the Internet Archive. Some portions are cantillated (i.e. sung).

The recording produced by the Bible Society in Israel. This is a dramatic read with multiple speakers.