Biblical Hebrew Conversation

Discussing Biblical Hebrew texts in Biblical Hebrew

This is a resource page for Biblical Hebrew CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) with a particular focus on discussing texts, as per Joseph Justiss' example with Exodus 3:1.

Feel free to contact me with any suggestions for this Word List.

Word List

Verb HUD

The Verb HUD is an animation tool we use in our virtual world to practice internalizing verbs.

Common Phrases

Useful Paradigms

Set 0: Extra Useful Verbs

Set 1: Qal (mostly strong) + 1 Piel and 1 Hithpael

Set 2: Qal

Set 3: Qal

Set 4: Qal

Set 5: Piel

A suggested procedure for how to use the HUD to model and practice these verbs in-world.

Resource Documents

Lesson Plans

Paradigms for הלך, עלה, פנה, רקד, ירד



Verb Lists

Resource Websites

Biblical Hebrew CLT Websites

Joseph Justiss' "Biblical Hebrew Text Talk"

Aleph with Beth

Biblical Language Center (Randall Buth et al)