Learn Hebrew with Jonah
לִמְדוּ עִברִית עִם יוֹנָה


Credits and Permissions:


Jonah Comic
Special thanks to Philip Williams of Staircase Studio who graciously let me adapt his delightful Jonah comic. I made the Hebrew version first in Shockwave in 2008 and then adapted it to HTML5 in 2017.

Audio Narration

Yitzhaq Eitan
This is the native Hebrew speaker recording of Yitzhaq Eitan provided by the Biblical Language Center. This narration is a component of their Living Biblical Hebrew curriculum.
Abraham Shmuelof
This is the venerable audio recording of Abraham Shmuelof performed sometime in the 1970s or 1980s. Shmuelof died in 1994. Shmuelof's entire recording of the Hebrew Bible is available from Mechon-Mamre and Internet Archive. A short biography can be found on Michael Kolarcik's page at the University of Toronto, and at the website of the Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Israel.
Charles Grebe
This is a slow paced audio recording that I did myself in August 2008.


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King James Version. Available from King James Bible Online. Public domain.
English - Young's Literal Translation (YLT)
Young's Literal Translation. Available from Bible Gateway. Public domain.
Français (French) - Louis Segond (LSG)
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Hebrew - Masoretic Text (MT)
The Hebrew Masoretic Text of Jonah is available from tanach.us.