Note: The following documents come in both PDF and OpenOffice formats. The PDF documents can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader and the OpenOffice documents with OpenOffice. Both are free downloads. The OpenOffice documents are also fully editable but you will also need the unicode SBL Hebrew font.

Also Note: I combined the worksheets into zip archives because there were too many to list singly. If you need decompression software you can try WinZip or RAR.

Blank Worksheet (Slide Format)
This is a generic blank worksheet in slide format.

Strong Verb Worksheets (Slide Format)
There are seven worksheets here, one for each of the seven major stems/binyanim. Each also has an answer key. The Qal worksheet is slightly different than the others in that it includes all four participles (msg, fsg, mpl, fpl) while the others only include the masculine singular form.

Strong Verb Worksheets (Vertical Format)
Again there are seven worksheets here but this time displayed in vertical columns. Answer keys included in each document.

Principal Parts (Card Format)
These are the principal parts for both strong and weak verbs. Both blanks and answer keys are included. They are in card format and can be printed out to use as flashcards.

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