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This is the Dormition Abbey or the Church of the Dormition which marks the traditional site of the death of Mary. It is on what is today called Mount Zion. This is actually a misnomer that arose in the fourth century. The original Mount Zion is in the area of the Ophel in David's city. I like this picture just because it turned out well. It makes a nice desktop image. Notice the white Jerusalem stone on the Dormition Abbey. Jerusalem stone is particularly beautiful in the evening light when it shines like gold.
Also on Mount Zion is the traditional site of the last supper which is marked by the Room of the Cenacle. Below the Cenacle is the traditional site of David's tomb although David was probably buried closer to the Ophel in the Lower City. It was the misidentification of this hill as Mount Zion that led people to believe that David was buried here.
This is a shot of my mother with a camel on Mount Zion. These sure are interesting creatures. It is particularly interesting how they get up one knuckle at a time. It's too bad this shot wasn't a bit closer in so you could read the trilingual sign behind the camel. It's in Hebrew, English and Arabic. A modern Rosetta Stone I guess. :)
  1 Dormition Abbey  
  2 Toward the Cenacle  
  3 Knobby Knees  
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This slide show is dedicated to my mother who made possible our summer 2000 visit to Israel.