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Now we are back up on the ramparts continuing our journey eastward. This is one of the many arrow loops that form part of the wall fortification. It looks like there is a target in view there :) and no that is not blood on the right. I think it's red paint.
As you can see people live in the Old City. The black and white cylinder on the left is a solar hot water heater. You see them all over Jerusalem. You can tell this is the Arabic quarter. Notice the Arabic writing on the canister at the top of the picture. As in ancient times people use their roof tops for living space. This house was just meters from the top of the wall.
Here's another view of the Dome as we get closer. The Mount of Olives graves are visible on the hill to the left of the Dome. This is also a nice shot showing the close quarters in the Old City. Notice the roof top balconies, solar panels and domed roofs. There are narrow streets below as well but they are not that visible from up here.
Here's another shot of the Dome down the wall a bit. We are now looking almost directly south towards the Dome. Notice the darker dome to the left of the main golden dome. The darker one is the Al-Aqsa mosque which is situated on the south end of the Temple mount. Here we also see lots of antennas, satellite dishes and of course the ubiquitous black topped solar water heaters.
  1 Looking Out Arrow Loop  
  2 Roof Top Laundry  
  3 View of Dome  
  4 Antennas  
This is probably one of my favourite pictures. I think it's my son, Daniel's, favourite as well. He likes the breads and the architecture. These are people walking to Friday prayers. As you can see there are some open spaces in the Old City. There are also lots of bread vendors. What you see here are foot long sesame seed bread sticks. At first I thought they were bagels but they are lighter than a bagel.
This picture did not turn out well at all but I still wanted to include it because it shows the NE corner of the city. It also shows a different view of the Old City. I'm not sure what this was - gardens, archaeological work or just old abandoned structures. There are so many unexplored areas in Old City Jerusalem alone to say nothing of the other ancient city sites in Israel.
  5 Sesame Seed Bread  
  6 NE Corner  
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This slide show is dedicated to my mother who made possible our summer 2000 visit to Israel.