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Here's a shot of Damascus Gate from the outside. This is one of the more recognizable landmarks of the Old City. A couple hundred meters to the left of this gate you can enter what is called the Grotto of Zedekiah or King Solomon's Quarries. I tried to get some photos of this but it was too dark inside. If you ever visit Jerusalem, though, be sure to visit the Quarries. The entrance is quite nondescript but inside is a cool cavernous space that seems to go on forever. A path descends at about 30 degrees and when you get to the bottom you are about half a kilometer below the street level. It's really quite impressive.
This is a view from under the bridge that connects the plaza and the gate. Most of the gate structure that we see today is from the Ottoman period but it sits on top of Roman and Herodian structures. It is down here, under the bridge, that you can enter the towers to view the Roman excavations and then climb back up to the ramparts.
This is a cold drink vendor. I can't remember whether I had some or not. Actually, my wife Michelle, tells me that we did taste it and that it was quite sweet and not all that cold! So much for my memory. :)
Here's a front view of the drink vendor. He's fully equipped with refreshment and cups. I don't imagine that container is very light when it's full.
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This slide show is dedicated to my mother who made possible our summer 2000 visit to Israel.