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In this section we'll be walking along the ramparts from Jaffa Gate north and then east to the Damascus Gate. You can actually walk along the entire city wall except for the part that connects with the Temple Mount. Here we are pretty much standing on top of Jaffa Gate looking north. In the top center of the picture you can see the bus stop that I mentioned in the earlier Jaffa Gate slide (you may need to click on the full size image to see it clearly). The other photo was taken from the north. This one is taken from the south.
This is a shot of the modern street taken between two merlons on the rampart. The space between the merlons is called a crenel. I think this was taken just north of Jaffa Gate but I can't quite remember.
This is picture of me drinking. One thing you need to do in Jerusalem, at least in the summer, is protect yourself from the sun and drink lots of water. These were my younger days before I grew a beard. :)
Here we are looking back to where we started at Jaffa Gate. The tower with the flags is part of the Citadel or the Tower of David. The Citadel is actually the remains of three towers that Herod built. Initially Titus left them standing after the 70 A.D. destruction because of their splendor but they did not survive Hadrian who tore them down to the foundations in 135 A.D. The designation Tower of David comes from pilgrims in the Middle Ages.
  1 On Jaffa Gate - Looking North  
  2 Old and New  
  3 Rehydrating  
  4 Looking South to Jaffa Gate  
This is a little further north on the ramparts (facing north). I think this is past that bus stop that I mentioned earlier.
At this point we turn right and start heading east. By the way, my directions here are only approximate. The stretch from Jaffa Gate to this point is more north west than straight north. Between here and Damascus gate direction is slightly north east. I'm assuming this structure here is the domed roof of a mosque - note the crescent moon. Also the loud speaker is probably to call people to prayers.
This is a view of the alternative site of Golgotha shot from the city wall. The traditional site is under the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. From this angle you can see a little bit why people say it looks like a skull. The Garden Tomb (the alternative site for Jesus' burial) is to the left. What you see in the foreground is an Arab bus station. The Green Line dividing Israel from the West Bank runs to the left of the Old City and right through this area.
This is just before Damascus Gate. You can see the Damascus Gate plaza in the center left of the picture. The Damascus Gate towers are quite interesting. You can climb down them right to the Roman foundation at the bottom.
  5 Nearing NW Corner  
  6 NW Corner Mosque  
  7 View of Golgotha from Wall  
  8 Nearing Damascus Gate - Looking Out  
This shot is almost from the same spot as the previous one but directed in toward the Old City. You can see the Dome of the Rock in the center of the picture. Notice how crowded the city is. Most of the Old City is like this with wall to wall buildings. If you zoom in to the full size image you'll see an optometrist sign in the bottom center of the picture. You'll also see this sign in the next shot and there you'll see that it is right over the main street that runs from Damascus Gate into the heart of the city. From this vantage point you would hardly know that there was a street there because of how close the buildings and roofs are. In actuality this is one of the more open streets. Many are narrower or completely covered.
Here you see the street coming out from Damascus Gate (note the optometrist's sign). Most of these people are going in the same direction because they are probably heading to the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount for Friday prayers. We did most of our Jerusalem touring on Friday before about 4pm. We didn't have a car and after about 4pm the whole city, including public transit, shuts down for Shabbat. Between the Islamic Friday, Jewish Saturday and Christian Sunday this city has a lot of rest days!
This shot was taken just a couple of seconds after the previous one. Note the position of the fellow in the red hat (bottom center). It looks to me like he's walked about 4 steps since the last picture. This is the Moslem quarter of the city. Note the many Arabic signs (you'll have to zoom in to see the Arabic). By the way, if you ever need a cabinet stomatologic (and no, I couldn't find it in my dictionary) there's one right here in Old City Jerusalem just inside Damascus Gate (see sign in center left of picture).
  9 Nearing Damascus Gate - Looking In  
  10 On Damascus Gate - Looking In  
  11 On Damascus Gate - Looking In  
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