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Finally we come to the Western Wall (also known as the Wailing Wall) or the Kotel . This is a shot from the west facing directly east toward the Wall. Before 1967 this area was built up with housing and there was only a small strip of open space next to the Wall - about the width of a street. After 1967 this whole area was cleared to form the large plaza we see here today. If you look at the large image, you'll see that the area before the Wall is divided into two sections with a barrier in between - the left is for the men and the right for the women.
It's too bad this is overexposed but it is still an interesting shot of these three Jewish men walking across the plaza. The Western Wall is off to the right.
Here are some Jewish boys at the Wall. Notice the tassels hanging from the boy's clothing (cf. Numbers 15:38).
Here's a closer shot of the Western Wall. The greenery growing out of the Wall is hyssop (1 Kings 4:33). You can see tables for books and scrolls. Notice the discoloration of the stone that extends to a person's height. Many people have touched this stone.
  1 Ha Kotel  
  2 Heading for Prayers  
  3 Boys at the Wall  
  4 Prayer Notes and Hyssop  
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This slide show is dedicated to my mother who made possible our summer 2000 visit to Israel.