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The photos in this section are, unfortunately, not the clearest but the subject matter is interesting. This is the area directly south of the Western Wall, between the Western Wall and the south west corner of the Temple Mount. What we see in this picture is the remains Robinson's Arch. It used to be an arch that provided entrance to the Temple Mount. You can still see where it came out of the retaining wall.
This picture faces north. At the top of the image is the ramp that tourists currently use to access the Temple Mount. On the other side is the Western Wall. The current Western Wall plaza, however, is about two thirds of the way up the wall at the far end of this photo. What we see here is the first century street level. Form what I understand this was excavated down to this level in the 1990s. The stones at the far end come from the Temple structures above. They were toppled down here by the Romans during the destruction in 70 A.D. The stones in the foreground have been cleared and we can see the damage to the street. This is a testimony to the thorough destruction of the Temple by the Romans (Matthew 24:2). All they left was the Temple Mount platform upon which the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque stand today.
This is a shot of the same street as in the previous picture but from the other direction.
Here's a close up of the street. I'm not sure if this image is a testimony to the weight of the Temple stones that fell from above or to the solid foundation of first century streets! In any case it is quite impressive.
  1 Robinson Arch  
  2 Damaged Street - Looking North  
  3 Damaged Street - Looking South  
  4 Damaged Street - Close View  
Here's a picture of me standing among the large Temple stones. Incidentally, as large as these are, there are much larger stones in the Temple Mount structure. When we went on the Tunnel Tour, which runs north along the Temple Mount wall from the Western Wall to the north corner of the Temple Mount structure, we saw much larger stones than these. For some reason I don't have any pictures of that tour. Our camera must have failed us again which is unfortunate. If you do an internet search for Temple Mount Tunnel Tour you should be able to find some interesting discussion and images.
This is another image of the Temple stones that the Romans toppled. This shot includes more of the northern section of the rock covered street.
I believe these are market stalls. I read one place that they may be currency exchange shops but I can't confirm that. In any case they are directly opposite the rock covered street seen in the last couple of images (i.e. that street is out of view to the left of this image). And yes that's me peeking out.
This is a mikvah (ritual bath) used for ceremonial cleansing. You can still see some of the first century plaster that lined the mikvah to make is waterproof.
  5 Temple Stones  
  6 Temple Stones  
  7 Market Stalls  
  8 Mikvah  
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