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This is a tomb near Beth-shemesh. I used to think tombs were always in the sides of hills but this one is dug into the ground. You hardly know it is a tomb until you come up close.
This is the entrance to the tomb. Inside there is a little room with a place to lay a body and a crude sarcophagus to store the bones to make room for more bodies.
This is me crawling out of the tomb. You could probably fit 5 to 8 people in there. It now makes more sense how a person could live among the tombs (Mark 5:3).
This is the sign pointing to Tel Miqne (note the Hebrew letters above the English). I took this picture because Tel Miqne is the location of the ancient Philistine city Ekron. This is the city that sent the Ark of God back to the Israelites on a cart pulled by two milk cows separated from their calves. The cows pulled the Ark up to Beth-shemesh (1 Samuel 6). Anyway, it wasn't until recently that they discovered where Ekron was and I didn't want to forget where it was so I took this picture.
  1 Beth-shemesh Tomb  
  2 Tomb Entrance  
  3 Crawling Out  
  4 Ekron  
This is what happens if you eat too much! :) Actually this is a replica of a Philistine coffin. Tel Miqne (Ekron) is on a kibbutz and they have a nice museum and a number of outside displays. This was one of the outside displays.
The kibbutz also had a playground, which Daniel, Esther and I took advantage of.
I tried to make an animation of this swing. Click back and forth between the images. One shot was closer in than the other so it only sort of works. The front is somewhat synced; the back isn't. :) I'm not sure what the swing was supposed to represent - a Philistine Nessie?
This is an evening shot so I had to play with the levels quite a bit just to see anything. Here we have the famous Lachish, first an Amorite city (Joshua 10) and later an Israelite stronghold that was attacked by Sennacherib (2 Kings 18-19). It is mentioned on Assyrian monuments and there is a picture of Sennacherib's 701 B.C. siege against it on the walls of his palace. The Tel is quite high and what we see here is the gate to the city.
  5 Philistine Coffin  
  6 Ekron Kibbutz Swing A  
  7 Ekron Kibbutz Swing B  
  8 Lachish in the Evening  
Here is a closer shot of the city gate. Notice the interpretive sign on the right. You should be able to just make out the Hebrew letters in the large version of this photo. That's Esther climbing the stairs (we didn't try this with the stroller) and I think that's Daniel at the top.
  9 Lachish Gate  
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This slide show is dedicated to my mother who made possible our summer 2000 visit to Israel.