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This is near the edge of the hills overlooking the Jordan Valley (on the left) facing south toward the Dead Sea. That's my Dad and Daniel.
This is a view overlooking modern Jericho. It's too bad it was hazy but I think this is typical for the summer. I think it's clearer in the Spring.
These are Israeli military bunkers built in one of the wars. Jericho is in the distance. Again here you get a sense of how far down it is to Jericho from the surrounding hills. It would have been quite a trip to march an army up from Jericho to Ai.
This is a shot from down near the plains. It is near Herod's winter palace. I guess this was the Florida of ancient Israel. While Jerusalem got cold in the winter, with the occasional snow fall, the Jordan valley stayed warm all year round.
  1 Looking South toward Dead Sea  
  2 Overlooking Jericho  
  3 Military Bunker Over Jordan Valley  
  4 Near Herodian Winter Palace  
These are some of the remains of Herod's winter palace.
This is another shot of the excavations of Herod's palace. Notice the interesting diamond shaped bricks.
We met this camel at the Jericho Tel.
The camel was having a breakfast of oranges. He ate the oranges whole, peal and all and after a couple of chomps would reach for another one. Note the Hebrew on the orange box. The word in the lower right corner should be decipherable to any first year Hebrew student.
  5 Herodian Winter Palace  
  6 Diamond Shaped Bricks  
  7 Jericho Camel  
  8 Camel Breakfast  
This is a full shot of the camel and his oranges.
This is an archaeological trench in the Jericho Tel, otherwise known as Tel es-Sultan. We couldn't identify very much when we were there because the Palestinian Authority had recently taken over responsibility of the area and had taken down most of the interpretive signs. Any reference to ancient Israelites and Jericho doesn't go over very well in the West Bank. Needless to say, modern politics plays a role in the archaeological interpretation of the area.
Here's a close up of another bit of Jericho excavation.
This is the famous Neolithic tower. Jericho has been called the oldest city in the world.
  9 Camel Saddle  
  10 Trench in Jericho Tel  
  11 Jericho Tel Wall  
  12 Jericho Tel Tower  
This shot gives you a sense of the depth of the Tel. Only a small portion of the Tel has been excavated but you can see how far down they have to go. If you look closely at the large photo you can see brick and stone work at the far end.
  13 Jericho Tel Depth  
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This slide show is dedicated to my mother who made possible our summer 2000 visit to Israel.