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This was on our trip to Jericho. Here am I with Daniel. Esther is in the Land Rover. It was a gorgeous day and a once in a life time trip especially given that it was in the West Bank. I'm not sure what I'm saying. Looks like one of those funny politician action speech shots! :)
This is what the area east of Jerusalem looks like - not terribly hospitable and yet more livable than the dead sea area. This was July. From what I understand these hills can actually look green in the Spring. Notice the road that snakes along the bottom of the picture.
This is Wadi Kelt. A Wadi is a seasonal river. There are very few all season rivers in Israel. Instead they have lots of these wadis. They are dry most of the year but when the rains come they can fill up with water in a hurry. In the distance, down in the canyon, you can see Saint George's Monastery. This view is from the west. Notice how quickly the landscape drops off in the foreground.
This is a closer view of Saint George's Monastery from the east. It took about 20 minutes to walk down to the monastery but we didn't have time to go in so this is about as close as we got. You can't drive down here but the monks have a small tractor-like vehicle that they take up the path. You can see the tracks on the stairs in the middle of the picture. Notice the ladder in the top right. These leads to one of the cliff abodes that the monks sometimes live in.
  1 Road to Jericho  
  2 Wilderness  
  3 Wadi Kelt  
  4 Saint George Monastery  
This is another shot of a couple of the cliff dwellings. You may have to look at the larger photo to find them.
And he fell among robbers ... (Luke 10:30).

This is the view across the canyon on the way back up from Saint George's Monastery. Notice the path winding along on the other side. There are plenty of places to hide along here.
  5 Hermit Abodes  
  6 And he fell among robbers  
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This slide show is dedicated to my mother who made possible our summer 2000 visit to Israel.