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Here are a few pictures of modern Jerusalem and area. This was the view from close to where we lived in Mevasseret Zion just west of Jerusalem. This is facing south east towards Ein Karem. I think this was a water catchment system in the valley. Notice the terraces. You find them all over the hills around Jerusalem.
This is a shot of some buildings in Ein Karem (actually taken from inside the Biblical Gardens). The stone work you see here is Jerusalem stone which covered many buildings in Jerusalem. I think there might be some legislation requiring it to give the area a uniform look.
This is the Knesset, the Israeli parliament building. It is in West Jerusalem right across from the Israel Museum which is where this picture was taken from.
This is the Shrine of the Book in the Israel Museum. It was built to display the Dead Sea Scrolls. The white curved roof was designed to resemble the lids of the jars in which the Dead Sea Scrolls had been hidden.
  1 Jerusalem Area  
  2 Jerusalem Stone  
  3 Knesset  
  4 Shrine of the Book  
This is a picture of my Dad with Daniel and Esther. They met a donkey and wagon somewhere in modern Jerusalem. Notice the Mercedes taxi just to the left of my dad. I think Israeli's get a special deal on Mercedes cars because there sure were lots of them - especially taxis.
Here's a close up of the donkey.
  5 Walking in Jerusalem  
  6 Donkey  
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This slide show is dedicated to my mother who made possible our summer 2000 visit to Israel.