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This is the octagonal remains of a 5th century church that is believed to have been built over Peter's house in Capernaum. Underneath the 5th century church are the remains of a first century house which appears to have been used as a Christian place of worship in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. Today there is a modern church built over these ruins. They put it on pillars so as to not disturb the archaeological site.
This is another shot of the octagonal structure. It's quite a dark picture because of the modern church that is suspended over it.
When we were in the Galilee region we stayed for a couple of nights at the Bridges for Peace rest house in Migdal. Migdal is just a few minutes drive north of Tiberius and just south of Magdala. This is the view from the rest house balcony looking north. In the near distance would be Capernaum, home base for Jesus' Galilee ministry. At the far north end of the lake is Bethsaida.
This is the view directly east across the lake. It was a bit hazy but on the far side are the steep hills that rise up to the Golan Heights. The west side has more flat land next to the lake than the east. On the east there is just a narrow strip. The lake was very low that year which was a concern because it is the major source of water for the region.
  1 Capernaum - House of Peter  
  2 Capernaum - House of Peter  
  3 Galilee - Looking North  
  4 Galilee - Looking East  
This is a view toward the south end of the lake. In the distance you can see the modern city of Tiberius which is built on the hillside. The surface of the lake is actually about 200 meters below sea level. When we drove into this region, I knew that Galilee was well below sea level and as we came into Tiberius from the west I was wondering when we were going to lose elevation. We kept getting closer and closer to Tiberius but didn't seem to be going down much at all. Finally just before Tiberius we started descending and we lost most of the elevation in the last few kilometers. I never realized before how much the lake is in a bowl-like depression. They say this is why storms can develop quite quickly on the lake. The surrounding hills rise to about 650 meters above sea level.
Finally this is one more view from the rest house balcony in Migdal. This is now facing south west. The lake is out of sight to the left and straight ahead are the cliffs of Arbel. Josephus talks about a 39 B.C. battle between Herod and zealots who were living in caves in Arbel and how some of the zealots committed suicide rather than surrender. It would have been nice to spend a few more days in the region and explore. There was so much more to see. The Bridges for Peace rest house was fantastic as well. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a place to stay in the area.
This is a view of Mount Tabor in the middle of the Jezreel Valley. It's a hill that really stands out because it is basically all by itself in the plains. At the top you can see a church commemorating the traditional site of the Transfiguration. Notice also the billboards in modern Hebrew. The text is read from right to left but the numbers left to right.
Here is a picture of my wife Michelle and me and our two children, Daniel and Esther, standing in front of a monument of Elijah. The monument commemorates Elijah's victory over the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. To the north west of this spot is the coastal city of Haifa and to the south east, is Megiddo.
  5 Galilee - Looking South  
  6 Galilee - Looking South West  
  7 Mount Tabor  
  8 Family on Mount Carmel  
Here's a close up of the inscription on the Elijah monument. This is a quotation from Ben Sira (Ecclesiasticus) 48:1. At the top is Latin with Arabic beneath it and Hebrew at the bottom. The Hebrew is a bit hard to read because a couple of the letters are shaped rather oddly. The first word must be wayaqom but that makes for a rather strange looking qoph and I'm not sure what the little vertical line before final mem is. A couple of other odd looking letters are the second letter of both the second and sixth words, which is a lamed, and the first letter of the last word in the first line which is a caph (cf. the nun in the previous word). I'll leave the translation up to you. I wish I could also read the Arabic. Maybe someday! :)
  9 Elijah and Baal Prophets  
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