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This is Tel Dan in the far North (cf. 'from Dan to Beersheba' in the Bible e.g. Judges 20:1). It is not the most northerly part of the modern state of Israel but here it borders Lebanon to the west. The border was just a few meters from this point. Apparently there have been disputes over exactly where this border is because when the line was drawn on the map the thickness of the pencil line amounted to a significant distance (I can't remember whether it was tens of meters or a kilometer or two). In any case this land is particularly valuable because it contains the Banias springs - one of the major sources of the Jordan river. Water rights are a big issue in the Middle East. This is our son Daniel walking towards the bunker. For those who want to practice their Hebrew, here's a bilingual sign. Notice there are no vowel points. Except for dictionaries, foreign words and children's books, vowel points are usually omitted in Modern Hebrew.
This is a poor image, but an important one. (Do an internet search and you'll find some better ones.) This is the cult site of the altar set up at Dan. The metal structure indicates the size and shape of the altar. Jeroboam set up golden calves at the extremities of his new northern kingdom, Israel, at Bethel in the South and here at Dan in the North (2 Kings 10:29). His fear was that people would go to Jerusalem in Judah to worship rather than stay in the north. That's our daughter Esther in the bottom left. I'm not sure what she's looking at.
This is another shot of the altar and platform from a different angle.
This is just a couple hundred meters to the east of the Dan altars. These are the Tel Dan fortifications and some of the excavated walls.
  1 Border with Lebanon  
  2 Altar at Dan  
  3 Altar at Dan  
  4 Tel Dan  
This is another shot of the Tel Dan fortifications further down the hill. This is looking west.
This is just to the right of the previous shot.
Finally this is the entrance to Tel Dan. Of course, originally, the walls were taller than this! :)
A couple hundred meters further east of Tel Dan is the older Canaanite Dan. I believe this was discovered in the 1990s. This was built in mud brick so it is much more fragile than the Israelite stone structures. As you can see they had this fenced off and covered. Notice the green sign. In the full view you can see that it is in Hebrew, Arabic and English.
  5 Tel Dan Walls  
  6 Tel Dan Walls  
  7 Tel Dan Gate  
  8 Canaanite Gate  
Here is the explanatory plaque that was sitting next to the Canaanite Dan. As you can see, what archaeologists have exposed here is the outside of a triple Canaanite gate. Also this is a nice bilingual sign for those who want to practice their Hebrew. :)
  9 Canaanite Gate Sign  
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This slide show is dedicated to my mother who made possible our summer 2000 visit to Israel.