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This is the well at the entrance of the gate to ancient Beersheba, the southern end of the famous phrase from Dan to Beersheba (cf. Judges 20:1). We don't know that this was Abraham's well but Abraham did make a covenant with Abimelech over a well in Beersheba and therefore that place was called Beersheba (Genesis 21:31). The name probably means well of seven. The covenant involved seven ewe lambs (Genesis 21:30). The sheba in Beersheba is related to the Hebrew root for both seven and to swear. Anyway, here's a prominent well at Beersheba. The well is original; the watering trough in the foreground is not. Notice again how central water is to this region - both ancient and modern. On a completely different note (pun intended) the words on my shirt are Ad Libitum which was a vocal ensemble that my wife was a part of in the 1990s. They were a 12 person a cappella ensemble in Calgary.
Ancient Beersheba is almost circular and it has been extensively excavated. In the center of the city they have now built a viewing tower which is where this picture was taken from. This is facing south east and the well is just outside the gate you see on the right of the picture. On the left is a structure similar to Solomon's stables at Megiddo but archaeologists have now determined that these were probably store houses, both here and at Megiddo.
This is facing south. The city gate is on the left edge of the picture. Ancient Beersheba is full of small buildings and narrow streets. This is also a good view of the Negev. A car had just driven by and you can see the dust trail it left.
This is a view of more of the city in a south westerly direction. That's my mom and dad walking up a street on the far right. At the top right you can see the car or truck that was creating the dust in the previous picture, unless it's a piece of farm machinery working in a field (?).
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  2 Beersheba - SE  
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  4 Beersheba - SW  
This is a view to the west. You can see modern Beersheba in the distance. The structure in front of the blue sign may have been a temple with a holy place and a holy of holies just like in the Bible. I'm not sure anymore whether that was in Beersheba or somewhere else.
Here is a close up of the structure that may be a temple. Again, I'm not sure.
This is a reconstruction of an altar at Beersheba. The horns at the corners were for tying down the animal. I'm assuming this was full size but it may be a miniature.
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  6 Excavation Detail  
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This slide show is dedicated to my mother who made possible our summer 2000 visit to Israel.