Hebrew Charts

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Vowel Chart
This file includes the simplified and full vowel charts referred to in the lecture modules.

Biblical Hebrew Names
This chart lists some biblical Hebrew names with a rough pronunciation guide, English form, meaning, and a sample biblical reference or two. I use this chart when I teach biblical Hebrew by immersion. Students get to pick a Hebrew name to use throughout the semester. Here is an editable OpenOffice version.

Article before Weak Letters
This is an attempt to chart the changes that occur to the article when the following letter resists gemination (i.e. will not take a dagesh forte).

Sequence Tenses: Varying Terminology
This chart outlines some of the various ways that the sequence tenses are referred to.
Both a color and a black & white version are available.

Strong Verb Flow Chart
This is a flow chart to help parse strong verbs. It is based on, though not identical to, Allen Ross's Mechanical Parsing Method found in Review A of his Introducing Biblical Hebrew (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Academic, 2001) p. 222-225.

Weak Verb Flow Chart
Karyn Traphagen has a couple of very nice Weak Verb Charts on her Hebrew Resources page. Be sure also to have a look at her 16 page Biblical Hebrew Review Guide. This review of grammar and morphology is packed with helpful charts and rules. I particularly enjoy her humourous (and helpful) comic strip illustrations of voice (active, passive, reflective, etc.). Very nice!

Biblical Hebrew Summary
Have a look also at the Free Church Seminary's online Hebrew course. They have grammar and vocabulary videos as well as reading notes and assignments.

Verb Learning Strategy
This document outlines a strategy for learning Hebrew verbs.

Ross Verb Paradigm Corrections
These are corrections to the verb paradigm tables at the back of Allen P. Ross, Introducing Biblical Hebrew (Grand Rapids, MICH.: Baker Academic, 2001) 544-554.

Verb Paradigms
These are verb paradigm tables in the unicode SBL Hebrew font for printing or "cutting and pasting."

Verb Worksheets
These are verb worksheets with answer keys (includes both strong and weak verbs and principal parts).

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